Stories of BIC people

Following Jesus through sweat and tears

by Perry Engle · As afternoon turned to evening, on a hill a mile or so from the BIC Navajo Mission, I joined with a group of Native American men for a sweat in a homemade lodge. Read more »

Maddy Engle

She’s survived growing up as a bishop’s daughter and her first year at Messiah College (Grantham, Pa.). As she completes her summer internship with the Atlantic Conference, this California girl talks about life, learning, and her newfound love for the countryside. Maddy Engle is ready for your questions. Read more »

Paperwork, patience & pride

by Devin C. Manzullo-Thomas · Gloria James walks the "long road to residency" with would-be U.S. immigrants, one application at a time. Read more »

To the Point

In the parable of the two lost sons, to which son do you relate?

In the parable of the two lost sons (Luke 15:11–32), to which son do you relate to most, and how does your church minister to both older and younger brothers? Read more »

To the Point

How can we make sense of times when God seems unreliable from a human perspective?

Pastors Tracie M. Hunter, Darrell Smucker, Dan Longmore, and Larry Olson share their thoughts. Read more »



by Perry Engle · Repairing the plaster walls of an old house is an ongoing chore, but this was no ordinary crack. Actually, it could better be described as a cut, or a gash, or even a wound, but it was time to fix it nonetheless. Read more »

Warren Hoffman

Warren Hoffman

As moderator of the Brethren in Christ Church of North America, he has seen the Church through the first decade of the 21st century. Warren Hoffman is ready for your questions. Read more »

Something the world doesn’t understand

by Meadow Piepho · Denise Conway used to believe that a pregnancy due to rape was the one exception to her pro-life stance on abortion. But when she found herself in that exact situation 11 years ago, she knew it wasn’t the right decision for her. Read more »

At home with community

by Lisa Brown · At the Centre for Student Leadership, Mike and Melri Wright learn what community is all about. Read more »

Stuffed to overflowing

Read more »